UberX Manchester vs Black Cabs

UberX are Uber Manchester alternative to black cabs. But how do they compare?

What people are looking first when getting a car to their destination is the price.

The minimum fare
UberX Manchester have a minimum fare of 3£, the black don’t have a minim fare but their meter start at 2.3£ for the day and 2.8£ for the night.

Waiting time (or stuck in traffic fare)
A black cab will cost you 0.20£ every 38 seconds while a UberX Manchester will cost you 0.15£ per minute!

The mile fare
UberX will charge you 1.3£ per mile while a black will charge you 1.85£ per mile.

UberX Manchster are definitely the winner here, plus with our uber promo code manchester you can try them for free!

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